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Perfect Gentlemen

Last night the single men in our church treated the single ladies to dinner, games, and a movie. I was blown away. We arrived at the Pratt’s house at 7pm. We were asked to go outside and follow the tikki torch (which were all lit) path to a very large tent. Under the tent tables … Continue reading

Why I Love My Church

I am nearing the end of one incredible book, Why We Love The Church, by Kevin De Young & Ted Kluck. As I was reading chapter 7, Ted started to list some of the reason he loves his church. As I read, my eyes filled with tears. Faces began to pop into my head. Faces … Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

I’m excited!!!! So much fun (and new surprises this year). For those of you that attend my church. If you want to volunteer this year, we’re doin’ it different. You need to sign-up THIS Sunday. There will be a table outside in the "lobby" area. You won’t be able to miss it. ;)