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No Claim!

Without the cross there is no redemption. And without the Resurrection we would be left with a dead “Savior” whose ability to save would be highly questionable. The resurrection marks God’s stamp of approval upon the sacrifice of Christ. It is unthinkable to have a crucifixion without a Resurrection. As Peter indicated in his sermon … Continue reading

Matter of Eternal Glory

The death of Christ was both a propitiation and an expiation of sin. Propitiation refers to the turning away of wrath by an offering. God’s wrath is satisfied, His justice is met by the sacrifice. Expiation refers to covering sins. By the atonement our sins are removed from us. The atonement satisfies both the demands … Continue reading

The Last Passover

Jesus declared to His disciples that He had a strong desire to eat the Passover with them. He indicates to them that it is the last time He will celebrate this monumental redemptive event with them in this world. This is not only Jesus’ last Passover; it is the last Passover celebrated under the old … Continue reading

The Author of Glorified Humanity

When Jesus is presented by His parents for circumcision we see His submission to the Law of the covenant. Jesus now becomes an heir to the covenant of Israel. That the sanctions of the covenant are imposed upon the Son of God indicates both His humiliation and His glory. He now enters His role as … Continue reading