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Cry With Those Who Hurt

Deep pain and intense trial have a way of giving one perspective. You realize what really matters. You realize where your priorities weren’t in line with Scripture. You realize that God truly is the only One in control (Especially when it seems like everything is spiraling out of control.).  You get a front row seat … Continue reading

Don’t Worry…

As I type the title that horrible song (my apologies to anyone in cyberspace that actually likes said song) comes to mind. I still don’t understand why they played it on children’s radio. Anyways, I digress. Today, this reminder has been so helpful! And this… If you are God-centered, you will adjust your circumstances to … Continue reading

I’m Back

I sit here enjoying a quiet evening at home. Doing something I haven’t had a lot of time for recently…reading. Boy how I’ve missed my friends, also known as my books. :) I took a brief moment away from reading (reading a chapter from The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.), to check … Continue reading