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Show & Tell or Hide & Seek

A few years ago a mom in my church came to me thanking me for my recent blog posts on modesty. She has five girls and communicated to me that it was hard to find articles and books on modesty. I think she said that few people have the guts to actually write on such … Continue reading

Good Articles

Not a lot is said about modesty. You may be thinking that the Harris Brothers and Mahaney Girls are the only ones who ever talk on it. :) And I can understand why one would think that. Modesty is a touchy subject. It’s easily misunderstood and easy to make into a set of legalistic rules. … Continue reading

Can You Be Too Modest?

“Modesty is anything that draws undue attention to oneself.” –Harvey Oh how those words have served me over the years. Dressing fashionably and modestly at the same time isn’t easy. And though I love to decorate and can be a little “artsy” I find the “art” of clothing difficult. Because of this, I have often … Continue reading

It’s Not My Problem, It’s Their’s

Imagine that you are over at your best friends house. She knows that you have been convicted about the sin of self-control in your eating. You have decided that with God’s grace you are going to be more disciplined in what you eat and loose some of the extra flab cushioning your body. You’ve been … Continue reading

What Do They See…Vogue or Gospel?

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. Our Sunday service was over and I was looking for my brother. He wasn’t inside the hotel (which is where our church meets, we do not have a building yet.). I was barely outside, trying to stay near the building and not get wet. The doors to hotel were … Continue reading

Modesty, Shmodesty…What’s The Big Deal?

Spring is fast approaching. Warmer air, beautiful flowers, toe nail polish and…FLIP FLOPS!!!! Pardon my little outburst, the only thing I enjoy about the warmer air is wearing flip flops. I love my painted toes & flip flops. :) With the warmer air comes the inevitable, shopping for summer clothes. Ah, the joys of spending … Continue reading

2 Guys. 2 Stories. 1 Struggle.

A Day In The Life Of A College Student… Each and every day on campus is a battle-a battle against my sin, a battle against temptation, a battle against my depraved mind. Every morning I have to cry our for mercy, strength, and a renewed conviction to flee youthful lusts. The Spirit is faithful to … Continue reading