It’s Not My Problem, It’s Their’s

Imagine that you are over at your best friends house. She knows that you have been convicted about the sin of self-control in your eating. You have decided that with God’s grace you are going to be more disciplined in what you eat and loose some of the extra flab cushioning your body. You’ve been … Continue reading It’s Not My Problem, It’s Their’s

Modesty, Shmodesty…What’s The Big Deal?

Spring is fast approaching. Warmer air, beautiful flowers, toe nail polish and…FLIP FLOPS!!!! Pardon my little outburst, the only thing I enjoy about the warmer air is wearing flip flops. I love my painted toes & flip flops. :) With the warmer air comes the inevitable, shopping for summer clothes. Ah, the joys of spending … Continue reading Modesty, Shmodesty…What’s The Big Deal?