Adversity Is Different

Then we were given new life in Christ; we were reconciled to God. Being reconciled to God does not mean our circumstances suddenly improve. Our gastrointestinal trouble may continue. We may lose our jobs. We may be sued. And all these things might happen in the same week. But our experience of adversity is different … Continue reading Adversity Is Different


Our Salvation Hangs On It

We must get the doctrine of Christ’s person right, as John presents it, because our salvation hangs on it. Our salvation depends on the sacrifice of the body of Jesus as the utterly unique God-man. If you take away Jesus’ physical body, there is no sacrifice. Only a human can sacrificially stand in place of … Continue reading Our Salvation Hangs On It

Paul Knew

What an amazing attitude! Paul had been heckled, hauled before a magistrate, and imprisoned, and now he sat in a jail praying and singing hymns at midnight. It was as if Paul knew God was in control and that everything had happened according to God’s plan. -Mark Dever, The Message of the New Testament: Philippians:Humility