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Faithful to Fulfill

…God has placed each of us in the body of Christ as it pleased him. Our duty is not to decide what we want to be or to do, but to discover on the basis of our capabilities and gifts what God wants us to do and to be. Contentment lied not in being first, … Continue reading

Dominant Character Trait

In view of such strong biblical warnings against covetousness and the earnest exhortations of the New Testament writers to be content with what we have, we must take seriously the need to earnestly pursue contentment as a dominant character trait in our lives. It is not a spiritual luxury. Contentment with what we have is … Continue reading

Functional Saviors

It’s possible for our dependence to reside on something other than either Christ’s righteousness or our own. Sometimes we look to other things to satisfy and fulfill us-to “save us. These “functional saviors” can be any object of dependence we embrace that isn’t God. They become the source of our identity, security, and significance because … Continue reading

Preach the Gospel to Your Guilt

The greatness of Christ’s merit is known best by sinners in deep distress. The thirstier a man is the more he’ll prize a cup of water; the more our sins break and burden us the more we’ll treasure our Healer & Deliverer. Join us in letting this quote resonate deeply within you. Don’t avoid the … Continue reading

Quiet Times = God’s Love?

When we have our quiet times for the day, or when we have given a tithe, we are confident of God’s love toward us. But when our days become crowded and personal devotions end up neglected, we start to avoid God, sensing that we are under his wrath and anger. We imagine that God is … Continue reading

Self-righteousness Towards God

Grace changes everything-now and forever! Its cost to God was infinite; its value to us is incalculable. So the thought that we could somehow forfeit the experience of that grace should make us shudder. Paul implies that we nullify grace whenever we’re self-righteous toward God. Who needs the cross if we can justify ourselves before … Continue reading

A Renunciation & A Reliance

…faith involves both a renunciation and a reliance. First, we must renounce any trust in our own performance as the basis of our acceptance before God. We trust in our own performance when we believe we’ve earned God’s acceptance by our good works. But we also trust in our own performance when we believe we’ve … Continue reading

Promises of God

“Here’s a principle to keep in mind: The promises of God are as real as the circumstances you are in. Your circumstances say “God has forgotten you.” Your circumstances say, “I look for God, and just when I need God to come through for me, God doesn’t seem to be any place.” That’s what your … Continue reading