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Why Should We Worship?

Worship. Many people disagree on this subject. There is a lot of debate and discussion about this topic. The goal of this post is not to enter into that debate. Though I have an opinion (that I think is biblical), I respect my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ who would disagree with me. We … Continue reading

More Blessings Than Grains Of Sand

Stephen over at The Blazing Center, gave out a great challenge today. When was the last time you pressed the “pause” button of life and took stock of God’s mercies toward you? It’s so easy for us to become fixated on the one thing that’s “wrong” in our lives that we miss the staggering heaps … Continue reading


It was an incredible day. I’m exhausted. We wrapped probably over 1,000 presents. It rained, but we were still able to wrap. It was so much fun. I was able to invite a couple people to church! Did I mention I’m exhausted. I dropped and broke my new camera… :( So glad God is sovereign … Continue reading

Grateful for Grace

I’ve been freshly grateful for God’s amazing grace in my life. His sanctifying grace that keeps me and gives me power to say no to sin. The grace that sustains me in trials. The grace that reminds me that I’m forgiven. My sin has been paid for. All my sins are atoned for. I have … Continue reading

Week of Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving week and my grandparents are up from Florida!!! Posts may be a little sporadic this week, but I thought I’d like to focus my thoughts on gratitude and things that I am grateful for. Amazing gifts that God has so graciously given me. I also hope to post some fun pics from family … Continue reading

Gratitude – The Little Things

Most people would say I’m easily amused…and I must admit it’s true, I am. But, I’ve also found much pleasure in the small ways that God shows His love and kindness towards me. It could be something as small as finding a cd for $5. But, that’s a blessing from my Savior, ’cause He knows … Continue reading

Gratitude – Singles Care Group

I have the privilege to be apart of the best church in the planet! I love Sovereign Grace Church! There’s no place I’d rather be than with my dear church family. When SGC started 5 years ago, we had a singles ministry of 3. :-) I’ll never forget our first Christmas party. Randal (singles pastor), … Continue reading

Gratitude – Brother

One of the areas that God has been continually prodding my heart to think on is gratitude. A grateful soul is a contented soul. A grateful soul is a joyful soul. A grateful soul is a soul at peace. So, for the next couple of days, I am going to post specific things that I … Continue reading

10 Things I’m Grateful For…

God’s incredible mercy and kindness towards me. He saved me, redeemed my soul, turned away God’s wrath by taking it on Himself. Mercy and forgiveness I don’t deserve, but receive regardless. The most incredible parents a girl could ask for. Their unending patience, love, care, counsel, generosity, and affection are more than I could ever … Continue reading