Strong Emotions; Extreme Confidence

The following article is probably one of the best I’ve ever read on the topic of emotions. I strongly urge you to click the link and read the entire article. It’s worth the five minutes it takes! Strong emotions always insist on particular interpretations of life, and they are in no mood to listen to … Continue reading Strong Emotions; Extreme Confidence


Fear the Lord

"...the person who fears God fears nothing else...If you have ever walked among the giant redwoods, you will never be overwhelmed by the size of a dogwood tree. Or if you have been through a hurricane, a spring rain is nothing to fear. If you have been in the presence of the almighty God, everything … Continue reading Fear the Lord

Without forgiveness of sins, there can be no peace in our relationship with God, and when there is no peace with God, we will have no peace. If you are finding peace elusive, either you still don't believe you are forgiven or you don't really care that you are. If you know that sin is … Continue reading