If you’ve been on my blog for more than a couple of minutes, I hope a couple things are very apparent. I love my Savior! I love my family! And I love Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church! You’ll also probably notice a couple of other things too. I love photography, reading, music, and journaling. I love reflecting the unique personality that God has given me. Yeah, I’m pretty random. :)

I like to think of my life as a long road, a road with only one destination…Heaven. The journey is long, at times it is hard, but the destination never changes. The companions may change, the scenery may change, but the Guide and destination are always the same. There are portions of the road that are filled with green meadows and quiet places. Then there are portions that are uphill and seem unconquerable. But, the Guide always guides. He always is there, He always provides.

My life’s goal? To faithfully follow my Guide (God, my awesome Heavenly Father) and to glorify Him in all I do. I do not always achieve this goal, but it’s my goal none the less.

What do I like to do? My favorite things are being with my family (my six best friends!) and serving my local church, the dearest place on earth. I love music (especially soundtracks, jazz, & rock), Starbucks coffee, dark chocolate, and daisies. I love to plan events, arrange flowers, and take pictures.

My Testimony

My Events & Floral Website

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, stumbled upon your blogs few months ago ! Should’ve said hi earlier :), just wanna say i have been blessed with your sharing. Keep writing ! Keep blogging ! For His glory alone :)

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