A Divine Calling

Jeremiah is an example of what Paul was talking about in 1 Corinthians 7. The Lord wanted Jeremiah’s undivided attention. He wanted his prophet to be concerned about nothing else except pleasing God, and especially so because he lived in a time of spiritual crisis. We need more of that kind of godly singleness in the church. The Bible teaches that singleness is an opportunity to be more devoted to Christ and less devoted to the world. Too many Christian singles have just the opposite attitude. Too many are overmuch concerned about the affairs of this world, and not concerned enough about the affairs of Christ.

If you are single, do not be single for the lack of something better to do. Be single to the glory of God, undivided in your devotion to him. You have the freedom and the time, often the money, to take bold adventures in the name of Jesus Christ. You can do things that would be unwise or impossible for married Christians to do. And if the days are evil, then godly singles should be the strength of the church. Singleness is not a curs; it is a blessing both to the single individual and to the church. A Christian is not single by default as if he or she is waiting for something or someone better to come along. A Christian is called to be single to the glory of God as long as he or she is single-either until marriage or death, whichever comes first. Singleness is not an accident. It is not a misfortune. It is a divine calling.

-Dr. Philip Graham Ryken


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