Oh what love! Oh what grace! Oh what mercy!

I have lied.

I have been angry.

I have said unkind words.

I have had impure thoughts.

I have gossiped.

I have mocked.

I have…

There is a Holy Creator. He created all things. When He created all things, He set up rules and boundaries. You break His rules (Which He has every right to create, He is the Creator after all.) and you die. You break His rules and you spend all eternity in Hell. I have broken those rules. I have murdered in my heart. I have gossiped. Every single thing listed above is a blatant over stepping of bounds. I don’t just break the rules, I break them knowingly. The Holy Creator knew I would have such disregard for His rules. He knew I would willing taut my rule breaking in His face. He knew I’d do it on purpose, fully knowing His rules. At creation He knew I would run as fast as I could toward Hell. He knew I wouldn’t care.

Yet, this Creator, devised a remedy. Before creation was created, He had a plan. If I was the creator and I knew that my creation would rebel, I would have decided “the heck with it”. I just would not have created it. But, not my Creator. He created His creation and had a remedy for their rebellion at the same time. He would have been within His rights to send every rebellious creature to Hell. He gave them the rules, they chose to purposefully disobey. Yet, in His mercy, He provided a solution.

He sent His Son down to His creation. His Son lived a perfect life, following every rule perfectly. This Son died, paying the penalty for creation’s law breaking. The Son redeemed creation. The Son took my punishment (that I so justly deserved) on Himself. He died in my place.

About 30 years ago, I realized that I needed a Redeemer. I knew I had sinned and had sinned against my Creator. I knew I deserved punishment. But, I also knew that if I put my trust in Christ, repented of my sins (i.e. rule breaking), asked for forgiveness, and turned my back on my old way of life (vowing with His help to try and follow His rules); that He would forgive me! Not only would He forgive me, but He would claim me as His daughter. I would have all the rights of family. And He gave me all of this knowing that as I tried to obey Him, I’d still sin…all the time. This is a love I do not comprehend. This is a love that never ceases to amaze me. This is mercy like no other!

And on this Good Friday, I’m once again in awe. God’s mercy towards me is completely undeserved. God’s mercy toward me is greater than I can imagine. God’s mercy towards me covers everything! His extravagant love is beyond comprehension.

Words just cannot do it justice. It is finished! Fully finished. Oh what love! Oh what grace! Oh what mercy!

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