My Hero, My Grandma


Today is my grandma’s 84th birthday. My grandma’s trust in the Savior is staggering. I pray that I can trust the Lord the same way when I’m her age, actually at any age. My mom recently told her story at a ladies meeting. It’s a testiment to God’s incredible faithfulness and how He never lets His own go. He never fails to sustain no matter the trail.

Taste and See That The Lord is Good:
A Story of Gods Faithfulness and a Godly Woman’s Trust

When I thought about sharing Gods faithfulness it didn’t take me long to decide what to share. I have many examples in my own life, for God has been very faithful to me, but I decided to share about a woman of extraordinary faith. Last year on a cool march morning my dear mom fell in her kitchen. She was unable to get up and laid on the cold tile floor for 13 hours before someone found her. Later I asked her, mom what did you do all that long time. I prayed she said. I keep saying Jesus you are with me. And then I would pray please let John find me soon. Mom had surgery to repair a badly broken femur above her knee replacement. With her agreement (her children) decided she would live with my sister after rehabilitation. This meant her home and all her belongings would be sold and given away. Mom was without home and possessions. She spent many weeks getting stronger and learning to walk. When she was almost ready to come home a physical therapist compromised her surgery and she would have to go back to surgery to repair her leg as well as get a new knee replacement. During this surgery she suffered a heart attack and a stroke. The next day mom couldn’t recognize her children, and couldn’t speak well. But she could say Jesus is with me. This was a very hard time for her. She spent many days in ICU, but her trust and confidence in God didn’t change. She remained strong in her faith. She returned to the nursing home. Started rehab again. She progressed well. She was strong. Her kindness and faith drew many people to love her. There was one problem. On one side of her leg it wasn’t healing well. After her doctor watched it for a couple of weeks he decided he would have to open her back up to see why. While all this was happening to mom her oldest daughter was dying of cancer. And she did die a couple of weeks later. After this third surgery we were told that her new knee had MARSA. The best and safest option for her was amputation. So we her 3 remaining children explained her option. At first she said she just couldn’t do this again. She was tired, it was too hard. But after we explained and talked she said if they have to take it off well take it off. She had a very big smile she said Jesus is with me. The fourth surgery was the hardest of all but my brave mother endured so much but came out stronger than ever.

Moms story didn’t turn out happily ever after. Each situation only got worse. But what I have learned and seen in my mothers life is a woman who faced adverse circumstances and found God in them. She found hope, peace, joy, and faith. She learned to trust. To really taste and see the Lord being very good to her. Sometime we wait, sometimes we don’t see answers and we suffer but I know, because I’ve seen in moms life, it’s possible to see Gods faithfulness even in life’s storms! And grow in the midst of them.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! I love you!!!

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