The Danger of My Own Criticism

A friend posted an article on Facebook this morning. Intrigued by the title, I decided to read the recommended post. “Criticism in the church,” I thought. “Yes, I’ve seen first hand the dangers of this.” What I wasn’t expecting was the right hook that came as I read. I’ve always thought of myself as pretty gracious. As I read, I realized just how critical my heart/brain really is. How how glad I am that there is grace! 

I think the post took all of 3 minutes to read. I highly recommend it. I also recommend you read it now. Don’t do what I do and put it off to read later. Ha! Like I’m gonna remember to do that! :) Also, don’t think about THAT person. Think about yourself. How are you THAT person to someone else? Ask the Holy Spirit to convict you and simultaneously give you grace and hope for change. 

If you are a believer, you need to read this. The other thing it did was remind me of the amazing people in my church who daily put these truths into practice. I go to church with some of the sweetest and most gracious sinners alive. They’re not perfect by any means, but they are great examples of how to let grace season your lips. Here’s a couple excerpts from the article. You can read the entire post HERE.

Identifying problems is easy. Following Paul’s call to focus on what is good, lovely and admirable takes intentional work, and it breathes new life into our relationships. If God can choose to no longer look on our sin, we can choose to stop focusing on the things we would change in others and get busy loving them instead….There are times when a thoughtful, loving, critical response is the most appropriate one. But before we jump in to offer it, we should examine our hearts and consider what is most beneficial, being willing to say nothing if it tears others down and hinders the Gospel of Christ. What we say matters. Choose carefully. Read The Full Article


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