Something You Can’t Destroy

We all have this amazing ability…the ability to mess things up:

  • We mess up our houses, leaving dirt, scratches, cracks, and gouges in our path.
  • We mess up our cars, staining the carpet, tearing the seats, and denting the fenders.
  • We mess up our relationships, leaving a trail of hurt and conflict behind us.
  • We mess up our churches, finding our will and way more attractive than the glories of God’s kingdom and leaving a trail of division in our path.
  • We mess up our bodies, eating more than we should, more often than we should, while exercising less than we should.

I don’t know if you’ve realized this or not, but the Bible is a story of people who messed up again and again. The Bible isn’t a record of noble people who always made the right choice. The people of the Bible look familiar and human because they have the same attitudes that we do and take the same actions that we tend to take.

But here’s the thing that’s different about the biblical story. The biblical story is God’s story. It’s a story of a loving God, who’s intent on rescuing us from ourselves and his loving work of redemption is something we simply can’t destroy. It’s not based on our faithfulness; rather, it’s rooted in his!…

Read the rest HERE.

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