It Is Finished!

Happy Good Friday!!!

Saying happy on the most sober of holidays seems a bit flippant. But, when I think about it, today we celebrate the worst and the best, all in one day. Jesus, God Incarnate, was brutally and horrifically murdered at the hands of sinners. Worse than that, He felt the full fury of God’s wrath for all sin, past, present,and future. For the first time in all of time, the Trinity was not in fellowship. As I type this, I’m getting goosebumps. How unimaginably horrible that day must have been. Physically wrung out and at the point of death. In excruciating pain. And then the God of the universe, Your Father, Who you have been in sweet communion for all of eternity, pours out His unbridled wrath on you. And all of this was done for me, for you. And that is why today is also happy. I do not have to face the Father’s wrath, it was taken for me. I now have 24/7 fellowship with the Trinity. My debt has been paid. I’ve been redeemed. I will live in Heaven with the Trinity for eternity.

My emotions this morning are all over the place. I’m sobered. I’m sad and close to tears. But, I’m also ready to jump for joy and walk about my day with a huge smile. My sins are forgiven and I have a personal relationship with God. Jesus has paid that oh, so costly price in my stead.

::Disclaimer:: this video is graphic in nature as it is depicting our Savior’s crucifixion.


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