God’s Glory & Most Precious Treasure

God’s glory is the most important thing to him. God is jealous for his reputation in a way that is completely right and exclusive to him. He wants his fame to spread throughout the entire universe. He intends to establish his perfect, glorious kingdom over everything he has made, and he sent Jesus to bring this kingdom to earth. But if God is committed to bringing his kingly rule to earth, and he is truly God, why can’t he just do it immediately? He can, but if he did, all of sinful humanity would be wiped out. Instead, he emptied heaven of its greatest treasure to redeem us so that we could have a place in his kingdom when he comes to establish it once and for all. Father, Son, and Spirit graciously included human beings in the kingdom by dealing with the sin that separated us from God. God spent his most precious treasure, his only Son Jesus, to redeem us from ourselves and the tyranny of sin. This demonstrates God’s commitment to his own glory, his intention to display his glory through his kingdom, and his plan to make us a vital part of that display. How important is God’s fame or glory to you?

-Paul Trip & Tim Lane, Relationships, A Mess Worth Making

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