Hope In The Pilot

Our voyage through life will sometimes be incommoded by storms, but the Lord Jesus is an infallible, almighty Pilot. The winds and the seas obey him. None ever miscarried under his care; and he takes charge of all who entrust themselves to him. – John Newton

This quote resonates in my heart today. It pains me to watch people walk through trials and sufferings (even more so now, as I have much more empathy and compassion now, having walked through many trials recently). But, what pains me more is watching people walk through those storms without experiencing the truth quoted above. I’ve walked through (and I still am to some extent) some pretty tumultuous seas. There were times I looked toward heaven, tears streaming down my face, wondering what in the world God was up to. I questioned, I struggled. But, never once did I feel alone. Never once did I wonder if I was outside His loving care. A lot of it still makes no sense. But, He’s the Almighty Pilot. He sees all, He knows all. My hope, peace, and certainty rests in my Savior’s all-knowing, ever-faithful, caring hands. He sees where I cannot. He understands where I am confused. He plans all my days when I can only see the next couple of minutes. I trust the One who keeps my heart beating and my lungs full of air.

And I pray that God mercifully reveals this hope to those struggling without this hope. It makes all the difference in the world.

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