Good Quotes

Here’s some quotes I’m really enjoying these days…

“Worry is the antithesis of trust. You simply cannot do both. They are mutually exclusive.” ~Elisabeth Elliot

“We’re all quite mad around here…you’ll fit right in.” -Mad Hatter

“I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages.” -CH Spurgeon

Our mistake is to think of grace as deliverance from problems; in reality, it is the ability to persevere in the midst of those problems. We desire the “grace” of relief while God gives us the true grace of empowerment. -Tripp

If you find satisfaction in material things, you will either be disinterested in relationships or use them to get what you want. If you find satisfaction in people, you will use relationships for your own happiness. When love for God is replaced by love for self, people either become obstacles that hinder goals or vehicles that promote them. -Tripp

If you don’t have truth-tellers in your life, if you don’t have people who consistently or at least every once in a while tell you things you don’t want to hear, then you have put around you people who when all is said and done value your friendship more than they value your soul. -Matt Chandler

“Caffine…it maintains my sunny personality” -Unknown

Insanity runs in my family…it practically gallops.” -Unkown

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