Crazy Storm

ImageAs I  peacefully slept on Friday night a huge thunderstorm ripped through my city. The result was crazy! Downed trees, downed power lines, no traffic lights, etc. Our house didn’t get power until around 8:30pm on Saturday. But, we were one of the fortunate ones. As of yesterday afternoon I heard that over 400,000 people still were without power. Apparently the storm did more damage than Hurrican Irene a few years back. My friend and I spent Saturday trying to find locations with wi-fi and AC to escape the insanely hot day. Did I mention we’re also experiencing a record high heat wave? There were so many people packed into stores that had power that it didn’t even feel like the AC was on. The mall was littered with people sitting on the floor near electrical outlets, charging their devices. It was crazyniess!

I am happily sitting in Panera Bread as I type (we still don’t have internet at my house or work), grateful for AC and traffic lights that work! It’s amazing how you take things for granted until you don’t have them. Imagine living in the Greater DC area and having the traffic lights out and NO ONE is directing traffic!!! Yes, it was pandamonium!

I honestly like times like these because it reminds me of just how blessed I am. And how quickly I take things for granted. I’m so used to having my phone (and data plan), my laptop, a cool apartment, and water easily accessible. Most of the world doesn’t have these things. Yet, I’m without them for a day and it feels like life stops. I am one blessed (& spoiled) woman!!!

2 thoughts on “Crazy Storm

  1. Internet is back up at home! I think they’re saying that everyone should have power by the end of the week. Thanks.

  2. I am with you–I am so spoiled. Hope things get cleaned up and back to normal soon. So many of us take things for granted. We are so blessed.

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