I’m Back

I sit here enjoying a quiet evening at home. Doing something I haven’t had a lot of time for recently…reading. Boy how I’ve missed my friends, also known as my books. :) I took a brief moment away from reading (reading a chapter from The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.), to check out the newly formed blog of my dear friend Brittany. As I was reading her blog, I was once again reminded of the reason for this blog…to display God’s awesome power, glory, and kindness in my life! And there is a lot of God’s awesome power in my life, let me tell you! :)

Over the past couple weeks I keep thinking that I need to begin writing posts, not solely posting amazing things I’ve read. So here’s my first attempt back in the preverbal saddle of blog posting.

Get ready for my random musings, pictures, and reflections on what God is teaching me. So, let’s start with one of my all time favorite things…pictures!

Mickey and Clemson football, two things I get very excited about.

And on a less random and more serious note, I came across this quote tonight as I was reading…

The control of the tongue has both negative and positive aspects. It involves the ability to restrain the tongue in silence. But, it also means being able to control it in gracious speech when that is required. Sanctification in any area of our lives always expresses this double dimension-a putting off and a putting on, as it were. Speech and silence, appropriately expressed, are together the mark of the mature. -Sinclair Ferguson

As I read this I was struck by the fact that, when speaking on the tongue, James was not merely saying that a mature Christian knew when to hold his tongue and shut up. But, that a mature Christian also knows when and how to encourage (build up) with the tongue. This got me to thinking, how often am I purposefully using my tongue to encourage others and point them to the Savior?

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