This weekend and next are two of my favorite weekends of the year! Why? I have the joy of helping administrate the Youth Drama at our church! Any one that knows me, knows that I love administrating events…especially big ones. And Youth Drama is big…5 performances that typically host 500 – 900 people per performance. Opening night is tonight which means lots of fun, prayer, and COFFEE!

The main reason I love helping with our Youth Drama is the opportunity to serve alongside of teens who love their Savior and display Him so well as they use their gifts! This year is no exception. Our 80 member cast is doing an amazing job as they sing, dance, and act; they truly are very talented. But, as I watched them rehearse invitesthis week I was struck by how what they believe was coming out in the way they acted, sang, and danced. Yes, they were performing, but they really believed what they were performing. The truths they were speaking had affected their own lives and it is very evident! Their passion for the Savior is a compelling example.

If you live in the DC area, I’d encourage you to come and see ACTS! You won’t be disappointed (and the tickets are super cheap!). You can buy them at the door or purchase them online.


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