Happy Valentines Day!

423921_2877893783394_1141492659_32524942_2136765992_nToday, I have a group of people on my heart. Those of you who want marriage and have prayed for marriage, but, so far it hasn’t come. For some singles Valentines is the most depressing day of the year. I can sympathize with you. But, it doesn’t have to be!!! Instead of looking at what you want and don’t have (which is very real), focus on what you do have. And most of all, focus on the Lover of your soul. The only Person who will ever be able to fully satisfy your longings and desires. And He knows, sees, and understands your struggles today (and everyday). May this quote encourage you and know that you are in my prayers today!

“Did He love you when you were dead in your sins? Did He choose you before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4)? Is He going to desert you now? Do you think you will ever have to ask, with the psalmist, ‘Has His mercy ceased forever?’ If you talk that way, ask the Lord why He ever began HIs work of love on you if He did not intend to finish it. Or was it His intention to forget you? If that was His intention, would He have ever started with you? He knew all that would happen and all that you would do. Nothing is a surprise to Him. Known to the Lord from the beginning were all your trials and all your sins. Nevertheless, He still loved you. In the foresight of all that was to happen, do not think that He will now or ever forget you. He will not! If He so loved you, even when you were dead in your sins, will He deny you anything that is for HIs glory and your good?

You have been praying, but you fear that the mercy asked will never come. If He loved you when you were a mass of corruption, will He not answer your prayers now that He has made you an heir of heaven? Beloved, be of good comfort. Do not let depression or unbelief cross your mind. He loves you so much that He has made great sacrifices for you. He blesses you daily and He will not be in Heaven without you.” –Charles Spurgeon


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