Celebrate Grace!

Sin isn’t about human beings being basically okay and just needing a little tweaking in order to be what they were meant to be and do what they were meant to do. No, the damage of sin reaches to every area of our personhood, deeply altering what we thank and what we desire…

This is what sin does. Its effect is so pervasive and so comprehensive that it influences everything we do and everything we say. It causes us to think, desire, choose, say, and do things that are more the polar opposite of the way we were created to function. So, we don’t actually love our neighbor. No, we’re jealous of him, or we see him as an obstacle in the way of what we want, or we treat him as an adversary, or we ignore him altogether. And we don’t love God with our whole hearts. No, we put creation in his place. We’d rather have the temporary pleasure of physical things than the eternal satisfactions that can be found only in him. Sin causes us to place ourselves to be obsessed with what we feel, what we want, and what we think we need…

…You see, you only ever begin to really celebrate grace when you begin to understand how deep and pervasive the effects of sin are. As Jesus said when that woman washed his feet with her hair, "the one who has been forgiven much, loves much".

-Paul Tripp, A Shelter in the Time of Storm


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