So Grateful!

If you haven’t figured this out, I’m a bit of a country girl. All right, very much a country girl. Actually, yeah, a redneck at heart. So, it’s no surprise really, that my favorite all time singer (in any genre) is Josh Turner. One of my dreams, if you will, has been to to see him in concert. This past Sunday I was able to check it off my bucket list. I spent 12 hours with some dear friends listening to some really good country music. I was one happy girl. We were able to listen to some very talented bands…Steel Magnolia, Brantley Gilbert (I also really like his music), The Band Perry, and Josh Turner. We also got to endure some not so interesting opening bands. Let’s just say that country music has their own versions of wannabes and Justin Beiber. What a relaxing day.

I came away with two unexpected highlights. The Band Perry sang Chris Tomlin’s version of Amazing Grace. Like sang the whole song, all the verses and everything. I was so excited that the gospel was going forth in a very secular environment. Josh Turner also sang a couple of songs that were clearly Christian (‘cause he is a Christian) and two are really good (the third is a bit sappy in my opinion). I was thrilled to see the gospel go forth and encouraged that my first response during the songs was to pray for the thousands of unsaved souls around me.

Secondly, I was not expecting to come away with a fresh and deep gratitude to my Savior. I’m guessing that the concert venue hosted around 6, 000 people. I have never seen so many people in such a small space. It felt busier than Magic Kingdom in July (if you’ve been to Disney, you know that’s saying something!). During the course of the day, I had a lot of opportunities to people watch. The emptiness of their lives left a deep impression and the attractiveness of sin didn’t look so attractive, attractive at all actually. I was saddened and grieved to see so many people living without the hope of the gospel. And I was freshly grateful that I wasn’t in that boat! Apart from God’s grace and mercy, that would be me. And in that moment, I was freshly aware that I didn’t bring anything to the table, it was exclusively His mercy and kindness that saved me. I don’t deserve to be different. I don’t deserve to be a child of God. I don’t deserve to be content and happy. I don’t deserve to not have to drown out my sorrows and guilt with alcohols, sex, or anything else. I don’t deserve to find my fulfillment and joy in God. But, I do! And I am eternally grateful!

Some pictures & video from the day…337376_2229555175334_1141492659_32263906_1364630594_o

Sporting some country! Smile


Brantley Gilbert


The blur on the screen is Josh Turner

The hordes of people…

The Band Perry singing Amazing Grace (the off key singing in the background is me singing along ;))…


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