God-Centered Affirmation = Blessing

What does this refreshment look like and feel like? Imagine: You’re stacking hay bales on a scorching summer day in Uncle Guy’s barn loft where it’s very hot indeed and dusty and itchy and stifling with the smell of pigeon poop and twine and sweat dripping everywhere, and there’s not a dustless breath of air to breathe. At last the final bale comes up the conveyor from the hay wagon and the tractor shuts off and the machinery clamor grows quiet; climbing out the second story hay door and feeling the fresh, dustless, relatively cool air, you go to the shade tree on the lawn where Aunt Florence is serving lemonade on ice. Ahh. Affirmation (i.e. encouragement) is like an invigorating sudsy shower after a long day of manual labor. It’s like a cool rain after a long, hot dry spell. It delivers a combination of relief, respite, hope, optimism, satisfaction, and energy. It’s life giving. It blesses…all God-centered affirmations are blessings.

-Sam Crabtree, Practicing Affirmation


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