Carry Your Troubled Heart To Jesus

"I am troubled!" Psalm 38:6

This is very often the case with the believer, he is seldom long without something to trouble him. He has . . .
  so much sin within him,
  so many foes without him, and
  such unexpected and difficult things in his path
–that he is often agitated and distressed.

Where he looked for comfort–he finds sorrow;
where he expected help–he finds hindrance;
where he promised himself pleasure–he experiences pain.
He is wearied–
weary of himself,
weary of sin,
weary of the world,
weary of the carnal state of the church.

But what a mercy it is for the troubled Christian, that his Lord has experienced trouble as well as himself; so that He can sympathize with him. Jesus once said, "Now My soul is deeply troubled!" He has a fellow-feeling with us in all our troubles, and will first sanctify them, and then safely bring us out of them.

Beloved, are you troubled today?

Carry your troubled heart to Jesus, pour it out before Him. He can calm it, soothe it, and give it cheering repose. Take it to Jesus–to sanctify it for you.

-James Smith


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