God Glorifying Affirmation

Even with the Bible’s emphasis on humble self-denial and its warnings against pride, the Bible praises people-to the glory of God, ultimately. The chief end of God is not to glorify man, as humanistic though would have it; the chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying him forever. Meanwhile, the praising of people does not necessarily preclude the praising of God, if the people are commended ultimately for his glory. God is glorified in us when we affirm the work he has done and is doing in others.

–Sam Crabtree, Practicing Affirmation

—————–Post Update—————————

And then I read this quote and it’s pretty amazing too!

Just as salvation is not the keeping of an outward, superficial formula, or a recipe of good deeds, or a Religious Duty Checklist to be fulfilled by a person’s exertion of will and effort, so character does not amount to an external set of guidelines to which one musters up conformity in his own strength and will power. Rather, just as salvation is from Christ, through Christ, in Christ, and to Christ, so character is Christ’s work emanating from within the believer and stemming from the vigorous life of the Spirit dwelling there.

-Sam Crabtree


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