Preach the Gospel to Your Guilt

The greatness of Christ’s merit is known best by sinners in deep distress. The thirstier a man is the more he’ll prize a cup of water; the more our sins break and burden us the more we’ll treasure our Healer & Deliverer.

Join us in letting this quote resonate deeply within you. Don’t avoid the voice of your conscience; instead deliberately and regularly remember your past sin and acknowledge your present sin. Then return to the cross the epicenter of the unfathomable greatness of Christ’s merit. Don’t be reluctant to feel thirst; it points you to living water where you can cherish every droop of it he gives for what it really is-precious beyond comparison. And when those old guilt pangs stab at you, thank them for doing you a great service by reminding you afresh that there’s a Deliverer who has already delivered you, a Healer whose stripes have already healed you (Colossians 1:13-14; Isaiah 53:5) And because of this, Christ is your all-surpassing treasure.

-Jerry Bridges & Bob Bevington, The Bookends of the Christian Life


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