I Want To Be Like Reepicheep


I went to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night. I had a lot of fun with the staff of my church. We had the theatre to ourselves, it was a great night! So grateful for those folks.

This isn’t a critique of the movie. I’d like to watch it again before passing final judgment. Smile Lets just say that Eustace hit it out of the park. Reepicheep is still my favorite. The locations and characters remained the same. Almost everything else about the movie was different or in the wrong order. However, it still was a good movie.

I really liked how they portrayed Reepicheep’s ascent into Heaven (a.k.a. Aslan’s country). In my mind it was the best part of the movie. That minute of footage is worth owning the movie. The joy, eagerness, and rapt delight in Reepicheep’s face almost gave me goose bumps. He was so eager and excited to see Aslan and His country. It was his life’s dream, it was his greatest desire. As I sat there watching, I kept asking myself, “Do I desire Heaven like this?” Is the thought of going to Heaven my greatest desire and life goal? Does the thought of Heaven produce joy and delight? Am I eager for the Day when I’ll see my Savior face to face? I’m not as excited as Reepicheep was. Sadly, this world takes up more of my thoughts that His World. I pray that God gives me a longing for Heaven that replaces any desire for this world. When I grow up, I want to be like Reepicheep. I want to yearn for the place I was created for…Heaven.


7 thoughts on “I Want To Be Like Reepicheep

  1. Jarod,

    I like Narnia too! Growing up they were some of my favorite books. I can understand you’re desire to go to Narnia, that would be awesome! And I can also understand your lack of desire for Heaven. Several years ago I was in a similar position. I just couldn’t understand why Heaven was supposed to be so exciting. It sounded so boring. Yet, from reading Scripture, I knew it was supposed to be exciting and I am called to yearn for Heaven. I felt guilty for not yearning for it, yet I didn’t know how to change my thoughts and attitudes toward Heaven. I can joyfully say, that by God’s mercy, I don’t feel that way now, and I can’t wait to see my Savior in Heaven!!!! Two things that really helped me and drastically changed my feelings and thoughts toward it are:
    1. I prayed and asked God to help and change me. I knew the problem was with my view of Heaven. So, I went to the only One who could change me and asked for His help.
    2. I began reading books by Randy Alcorn (http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_tc_2_0?rh=i%3Astripbooks%2Ck%3ARandy+Alcorn&keywords=Randy+Alcorn&ie=UTF8&qid=1294063316&sr=1-2-ent&field-contributor_id=B000APPQ0E). His novels and books on Heaven were so helpful. No one knows what Heaven will actually be like, but Alcorn’s thoughts and descriptions made me realize that Heaven was a lot different than I had imagined and TOTALLY something to look forward to.
    Thanks for being honest and asking questions. I pray that God blesses you as you sort through this. I don’t know if you can, but I’d also encourage you to talk to your parents about this (if they’re believers) or your youth pastor. I’m confident they’d love to serve you and talk with you about this. Have a great day!

  2. Hey, guys i’m only 13 but i really like the narnia series. I haven’t seen the movie of the dawn treader, but i have read the book and heard the audiobook, i loved this book,but i am a christian and C.S lewis was aswell, he wrote the series and they draw heavily on tho stories of the bible. But you see i have a smal problem, i don’t want to go to heaven when i die ,neither do i want to stay on this world, i want to go to narnia, i know this may never happen but i just love narnia soo much. I would rather live in aslans country, and heaven “the one in the bible” does not atract me like narnia doess. Is this healthy should i be fanatasising like i am and yea….

  3. Hello Yeller,

    Just came back after watching the movie, yes, i do agree that the last scene gave the most impressive and thoughtful inspiration (though for me over all the movie is great ^^)… the last part also one of the best and touchy scene in the movie and i like your self reflection you wrote ^^(btw would you mind if i share your personal review/reflection about this movie? thanks in advance)

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