I was sitting at my local Starbucks, knocking out some serious work while jamming to some country music. As I looked up from my laptop I was struck by just how many people where sitting around the store. Like me, most were staring at a laptop with ear buds in their ears. They were in a public place, but lost in their own little world. There was that invisible bubble of “space” and privacy. It amazed me how one could be with so many people and yet isolate oneself and still be alone. And then another thought struck me…do I act this way at church? Do I walk into the building, greet people, worship, listen to announcements (or fiddle with something in my purse and completely miss what was said in announcements Smile), listen to God’s word preached, say Hi! to more friends, and then leave? Or am I like the barista’s and serve like crazy? Both scenarios are good, but I’d venture to say lacking.

I think they’re missing an essential element to Christianity…biblical fellowship (community). Ask yourself, am I having true biblical fellowship? Am I praying for others, but also allowing others to pray for me? Am I asking for help? Am I sharing what I’ve been learning in quiet times? Am I opening my life up for others to observe and hold me accountable? In short, do I have a bubble of “space” and privacy? Do I have invisible ear buds in my ears? Am I activity seeking to serve others, but allowing them to serve me in return?

Just a thought from a morning at Starbucks. Smile


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