God’s Providential Guidance

Aside from my Savior, nothing is as important to me than my local church. I strongly believe that as a Christian, God has called me throw my passions, talents, and all into the local church He has called me to, Sovereign Grace Church. Our almost 300 member church has been a constant source of care and encouragement. It has been a joy to serve them (vocationally as well as a volunteer) and to serve alongside them. God has used them in my life in countless ways. Over the years, people have asked me why I didn’t move to another, larger SGM church. My answer? No way! These are the people I love and this is the local church He has called me to pour my life into. That’s always (by His grace alone) been what’s been most important to me. Please do not take this as me tooting my own horn. Without God’s power and gracious working in my life, this desire would not exist…at all!

For the past year or so, I’ve had this sense that it was time to move on. I assumed that this meant that in the near future I would move out of my parents home. Every time I prayed about moving out and getting an apartment (in the city I live in), the answer was clearly no. I wasn’t supposed to move out yet. I just needed to wait. I had a very strong sense that God has something in store and that when the time came it would be clear that this was what He was leading me to do. I had no clue what that meant, so I waited. And waited and waited. :) About a month ago the Lord convicted me that though He was calling me to wait, I should not sit on my hands doing nothing. I should be praying for His direction while I waited. So, I began praying. One morning (about 3 weeks ago) I was praying, asking God for direction. I had no clue what that direction was and I assumed it had something to do with moving into an apartment in the area or one day buying my own home. About 30 min. after praying, my dad called. He was out of town at the Peacemaker’s Conference with some other SGM pastors. He had been approached by the administrator of Covenant Life Church. CLC had a position available and they were interested in me applying for it. Was I interested? Dad asked me if I wanted to pursue this possibility. I had an immediate peace and knew the answer was yes, let’s explore this opportunity! For the next week or so I rewrote my resume (it had been 7 years since I had tweaked it :)). After the resume was sent in, I began talking with CLC. At this point, I had no clue what the outcome would be. All I knew was that God wanted me to pursue the job. I was well aware that the answer could be no. And I would have been fine (and happy) with a “No”. I love my job, SC, and my church. I was more than happy to remain in SC.

But, after a 30min. phone interview, I was offered a job at Covenant Life Church. I officially accepted on Thursday/Friday of last week. I will be moving to CLC on the 23rd of this month. On a few occasions, I have said that the only thing that could induce me to leave SC (and my local church) was if God clearly called me to serve another local church. I am so excited about this new adventure! God has made it so clear that this is where He has me. But, I am very sad to leave my family and my church family. It is a very bitter sweet feeling. (But, I’m sure I’ll blog on that more later. :))

What will I be doing? I’ll be doing many different tasks and assisting a couple different pastors. However, my main task will be assisting the Youth pastor and coordinating events for the youth ministry. I’m very excited! It’s right up my alley! :)

I have been blown away by God’s direction, care, and love in all of this. It has been amazing. I have also been so grateful for the support, love, and encouragement I have received from my family. And the overwhelming love I have received from my church (I LOVE YOU ALL!!!). I can’t wait to see all that God has in store!


6 thoughts on “God’s Providential Guidance

  1. Thank you Nikki, Susan, and Carmen. I really appreciate the encouragement and I love you all.

  2. Jessica! This is such encouraging news for me to hear personally, but MORE importantly than that, I am so excited to read about what God has done for you and how He moved!!!! What an amazing God we serve. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more of the insights God gives you as you embark on your new journey! Thanks for sharing…

    Many Blessings….

  3. Jessica,
    It has been such a JOY to see God working in you life . . . from a little girl hanging out on a blanket during “adult” meetings way back when to the Godly young woman HE has created you to be today! We count it a honor to know you and to have spent some time in your parents home when you all lived in St. Pete. We know that God has wonderful plans as you delight yourself in Him . . . giving all you have to His work!
    God Bless You in this new chapter of adventure! ~Dave and Susan Wilson
    P.S. Eat at Roy Rogers and get a holster of fries for us ! ha ha ha (Ask your Dad about this story!)

  4. I have to tell you about two weeks ago, you were on my heart and I had the very thought, “Gosh, I wish that she could move to CLC!” I have no idea why I would think that, but I did! Can I tell you how EXTREMELY excited I am for you!! My excitement out weighs my sadness, because I will miss you, friend! I’m praying for you and your family! I love you!

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  6. Oh my goodness! I am sooooo excited and happy for you!!! This means that when I go up to Maryland to see friends I’ll get to see you too!! God is so amazing in providing this opportunity for you – we are all SO excited! :D

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