Lightning Strike

Lightning hit our home last Friday. This week has been nothing but IT and computer troubleshooting. The lightning hit a oak tree near the house, went down the tree, through the root system, blew a hole through the brick, and traveled out the phone line. It blew out our modem and router and did damage to two of the computers. Since I work from home, I have spent the past three days trying to get our internet back up (‘cause we can’t work very well without it) and troubleshoot computer problems. Needless to say, may week has not gone like I expected!!! However, God has been so faithful to give me the grace to be patient, persevere, learn, and trust Him. It’s always so good for me when my plans are interrupted and I have to wait on Him. Most important, no one was hurt!!! We’re nearing the end (hopefully) and I finally have a computer that works! Here’s some pics of the strike damage…





One thought on “Lightning Strike

  1. wow, that’s pretty awesome… in a “wow, God’s powerful” kind of way. ;) glad no one in your family was hurt. enjoyed peeking at your blog!

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