Be Patient

Between here and heaven, we have no guarantee that the road will be easy or the sea smooth. We have no promise that we will be kept like flowers in a hot house, safe from the breath of frost or veiled from the heat of the sun.

The voice of wisdom says, “Be patient, be patient, be patient, for you may need a triple measure of it to be ready for the trial.” I suppose, also, that we are over and over exhorted to be patient because it is so high an attainment. It is not child’s play to be silent like sheep before shearers, to lie still while the shears are taking away all that warmed and comforted us. The silent Christian under the afflicting rod is no common person. We kick like oxen that feel the goad for the first time; we are for years like a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke.

“Be patient, be patient, be patient, “ is the lesson to be repeated to our hearts many times. It is the Holy Spirit, ever patient under our provocations, who calls us to be patient. it is the long-suffering Father who commands us, “Be patient.
You who are soon to be in heaven, be patient, for yet a little while and your reward will be revealed.

We may well be patient under trials, for it is the Lord who sends them. He is ruling in all our circumstances and He is blessing us by them. He is waiting to end them, and He is pledged to bring us through them. Shall we not gladly submit to the Father of our spirits? Is not this our deepest wish, “Your will be don” (Matt 6:10)? Shall we quarrel with that which blesses us? Shall we worry when the end of the trouble is so near? No! We see that the Lord is full of tender mercy, and so we will be patient.

-C.H. Spurgeon, Beside Still Waters


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