Quotes To Ponder

Here’s a couple of good quotes I came across today…

“No one can keep close to Jesus–who does not daily, seriously, and prayerfully read His Word.” -J. Smith

Any teaching that in any way detracts from Christ’s exclusive role is by definition both wrong and ineffective. – Douglas Moo

In him, and in him alone, God has decisively and exhaustingly revealed himself. All that we can know or experience of God is therefore found in our relationship with him. – Douglas Moo

“Creation was…a love song from the Creator to mankind. In a thousand fields of study, God had coded the music of His creation. One hears the music of God testifying to the beauty of God not only through musical notes, but through genes, and chemicals, and all the mysterious workings of nature.”–Strachan and Sweeney, Jonathan Edwards on Beauty

But when Jesus decides to save someone, nothing can stop Him. Paul was on his way to collect, arrest, and possibly kill as many Christians as possible. Instead, he finds himself laying on the ground hearing the voice of Jesus. This is irresistible, powerful, eye-opening, heart-rending grace. Paul was a great sinner, Jesus was a greater Savior. God can save your hardened son in a split-second. He can break down the walls of a drunken neighbor and melt the heart of a bitter mother. Don’t stop praying. Don’t stop asking. – Stephen Altrogge, Hope For Hard Cases


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