What Happened At Next 2010

The picture says it all. I did a heck of a lot of walking.

In all seriousness, the trip was incredible! I had the amazing privilege to shadow and assist the conferencing director, Paul Medler. I was part gopher, part “security”, and a little of everything else. I do not think I’ve ever had so much fun in all my life. To say that I learned a lot would be an understatement. To say that God did a lot in my heart would be so very true. I knew going into the conference that I was going to be blessed, just in a different way than normal. Here were a couple of the highlights:

  • Prayer. I have never felt so covered with prayer before. I had so many friends praying for God’s grace, strength, and my health. It was amazing to watch God answer those prayers in so many ways. During the conference I was aware I was a walking answer to prayer. On the first day of the conference I ran into Tim Kerr “by chance”. Tim is a pastor and was heading up the prayer team that prayed during the conference. As he left, he informed me that he would be praying for me by name during the conference. On Sunday, he followed up with me to see how I was doing and prayed for me right there. I was blown away and so blessed by that.
  • Messages. I did not attend any of the messages (though I look forward to hearing them on mp3!). However, I was in the session hall for the tail end of Kevin DeYoung’s first message. It was five minutes, but God knew I needed to hear that five minutes. As I was standing there listening to Kevin I was so aware that I was supposed to hear this and God had allowed me to be in the session hall so that I could hear it first hand. Wow!
  • Worship. I was able to attend about 10 minutes of worship on Sunday evening. By this time, I was getting just a little tired (I’m sure the staff found me quite humorous that evening). As I stood next to the soundboard worshiping, I was overwhelmed with God’s pleasure and so encouraged. I opened my eyes to see over 4,000 hands raised in the air. It was so apparent that God had touched people that weekend. As I prepared for the conference, my desire was to serve Sovereign Grace Ministries, but also to serve the attendees. I wanted them to be blessed and meet God, the way I had for the past 10 years. Standing in worship that evening I was aware of how that prayer had been answered. I began crying, hoping I wasn’t freaking out the security director standing next to me. :) It was so cool!
  • Experience. Because I was the conferencing directors assistant, I was able to follow him everywhere he went and observe how he did his job. It was so encouraging (to see things I do right) and so helpful to see areas where I need to grow. I was able to watch him deal with facility problems, security issues, medical emergencies, and even a fire alarm! :)
  • Fun. The fellowship and banter with the staff was definitely the highlight for me. It was very refreshing and so much fun! I was sad to leave them (but, yes don’t worry, I’m happy to be home with all of my dear SGC friends!).

It was a fantastic trip and now that I’ve had a couple of days rest, I’m ready to do it again! ;)


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