What Rich Blessings!

Consider what rich blessings Christ has purchased for His people; purchased not with corruptible things such as silver and gold–but with His own precious blood! The purchase price recommends and endears the blessings, though they are so great in themselves, as to need no such recommendation! What can be greater or more suitable blessings to hell-bound sinners, than . . .

pardon for the guilty,
redemption for slaves,
righteousness and justification for the condemned,
sanctification for the unholy,
rest for the weary,
comfort for mourners,
  the favor of God for rebels and exiles,
strength for the impotent,
protection for the helpless, and
everlasting happiness for the heirs of hell!

And, to sum up all–grace and glory, and every good thing, and all the unsearchable riches of Christ–for the wretched and miserable; for the poor, the blind, and naked!

These are blessings indeed, and, in comparison with them–all the riches of the world are impoverished, and vanish to nothing!

-Samuel Davies


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