Are You Ready???

Recently I was struck by the fact that I do very little to prepare for Easter. Good Friday & Easter are without a doubt the most important dates of the year. They’re the celebration of our redeemed life. Yet, at best, I take a week to prepare my heart and mind for the joyous celebrations. I spend a month thinking about Christmas, but a lousy 6 or 7 days preparing for the most glorious celebration the world will ever know. Darn, I’m busted. The cool thing is that there is forgiveness and grace (which is what I’m celebrating in the first place). My desire this year is to begin to prepare my heart now. I’m looking forward to all God will do. Besides my Bible, the two books that I have picked to study are The Glory of Christ by RC Sproul (great book, I’m almost done with it) and 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die by John Piper. I just started the Piper book and it’s REALLY good.

How about you. What are you doing to prepare?

image image

The Glory of Christ        Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die


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