The Dying Shepherd

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” Jn. 10:11

When Jesus had r.eceived the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. Jn. 19:30,

Jesus is my shepherd. He carefully, intimately, and sovereignly cares for my soul and physical body. He knows every aspect of me and fashions my life according to what will bring Him glory and serve me. In the past I have struggled with Scriptures that talked of blessing and good. I would think something like “They’re true for so and so. But, I haven’t seen it in my life recently. I think my lot is to suffer and never be blessed.” The Holy Spirit has taken me on a journey to show me just how sinful and silly those thoughts are. One of my favorite sayings (that my friends get to hear constantly) is, “Either all of Scripture is true or none of it is true. Either God is God or He isn’t. You cannot have it somewhere in the middle.” If God says He is my shepherd, than He is. There is no room for negotiation or doubt. It’s not something I have to feel, it’s an objective face. No matter how I’m feeling at the moment, the truth still remains true. He is my shepherd. What is one of the main ways that Jesus proved this? By dying on the cross for my sins. If He loved me enough to face God’s horrific wrath, I think He’ll take care of my day to day worries and anxieties. My Shepherd proved His love by dying and taking my penalty. All my guilt is gone. The penalty paid. It truly is finished!

When I’m anxious about the future, my health, work projects, or friendships; I have one answer. When I need to focus back on the Lover of my soul, I need look no farther than to the Shepherd of my soul. No matter how big the obstacle, I can have peace. The gospel proves that He will lead and guide me until the end.

What joy! What hope! What peace!

It’s finished!!!


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