A Humorous Farm Story

P5280035 I was planning on resting last night, but God had a humorous event in store for me. Jimmy and Katie were out for dinner and watching some of our guys play basketball. I stayed home to rest (figuring that would probably be wisdom). I remembered that the goats, dogs, and cows needed to be fed. So, I thought I’d be a nice sister and feed everyone for Jimmy while he was gone. I went into the field to retrieve the buckets and to play with the dogs. I was planning on letting Cody (my dog) out to play with me while I filled up the buckets with feed. All three puppies ended up getting out. No big deal. They like to play and would stay in the yard. I walked over to pick up a bucket and noticed Mya (our “older” and more “mature” guard dog) out too. “Hhmmm,” I wondered. “How did that happen?” I turned around to a horrifying sight. All six goats are out. I had not latched the gate properly. I somehow had to get 6 goats (who are very obstinate) and 4 dogs back into the pen. As I stood there, the dogs raced to the woods. Panic began ensuing in my soul. We have A LOT of coyotes around our house right now. The sun is setting. I begin to yell at the top of my lungs for them to come back. Two of the puppies responded. I immediately took them back into the pen. I ran (which was a humorous sight since I was in my dad’s camo windbreaker and rubber boots) as hard as I could to the house. I asked my mom to come and help me. She got some goat feed and we began to coax the goats back into the pen. While we’re getting one of the goats in, the other two puppies get out again. (Why did Jimmy have to be gone?!!!?) We continue to coax the goats back into the pen. The puppies make a break for the woods again. And now all four dogs are gone.  I began praying, we’d be able to find them later. We have acres of woods and it was getting dark. Mom and I finally get all the goats back into the pen. I ran back to the house (did I mention I have runner’s asthma and my lungs were hurting at this point?) grab the leashes and begin walking down to our pond. Yelling our dogs names and praying that they come to me, so I don’t have to go tromping around the woods at dusk. They came back and everyone is now back where they are supposed to be.

I now have another humorous story to add to my “farm” collection.


3 thoughts on “A Humorous Farm Story

  1. Well, that was an adventure.
    I award you with the Masters Roundup Ribbon…. aw man, I’m all out of ribbons….

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