Whatever Its Limitations

All work, if offered to Him, is transformed. It is not secular but sacred, sanctified in the glad offering. There was once an anchoress (a female hermit) in England who had renounced the world in order to live in seclusion. She was enclosed for life inside a little cell built into the church wall. There was a very small window opening to the street where passersby often paused, asking for her prayer and counsel. This, most of us would agree, was “spiritual” work. But it came to pass that the route of the main thoroughfare was changed and few came by to seek her help. The neighborhood children, however, found her and began to bring to her their broken toys. Gladly she mended the toys, seeing this as the Lord’s new assignment-as sanctified as was her former work.

Is there not a very important lesson for all of us here? In the very place where God has put us, whatever its limitations, whatever kind of work it may be, we may indeed serve the Lord Christ.

Go in all simplicity; do not be anxious to win a quiet mind, and it will be all the quieter. Do not examine so closely into the progress of your soul. Do not crave so much to be perfect, but let your spiritual life be formed by your duties, and by the actions which are called forth by circumstances. Do not take overmuch thought for tomorrow. God, who has led you safely on so far, will lead you onto to the end. Be altogether at rest in the loving holy confidence which you ought to have in His heavenly Providence.” (St. Francis de Sales)

Elisabeth Elliot, Secure in the Ever Lasting Arms


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