Notes from Sunday’s Sermon

I do not typically put my notes on my blog. But, this Sunday’s sermon was killer, it was too good to not share…

  • Be Joyful (vs. 4) be glad, attitude of joy in spite of persecution
  • Be Reasonable (vs. 5a) no priority of personal right, fairness, humility, meekness, putting others ahead, patient, steadfastness, winsomeness
  • Be in Faith (vs. 5b)
  • Be Praying (vs. 6)
  • Be at Peace (vs. 7)

God’s “impossible” commands are always wrapped inside gospel promises.

It’s a command from God, rejoice/be joyful. A lack of joy is disobedience. Grumpy can be Happy. If we can recall that God is at work, we can rejoice…we can trust His hidden hand. We can rejoice always if we have a good grip on the gospel. We rejoice because our names are written in the Lamb’s book of Life. There are a million folks in hell that would trade for one hour of my worst day. I can suffer with joy because of what He has done and what awaits me on That Day. God is as faithful as He is powerful. What characterizes your speech, thought, and countenance? Are you a joyful person? Why or why not?

Are you gentle? Are you known for being humble and easily entreated? Do you demand your rights? He will bring to completion what He began. He’ll work it, just cooperate.

Aren’t you glad He cares about everything? Stop worrying! Harrassing distraction. There is no hall pass here, knock it off. Worry and unbelief are sin. Stop being anxious. Focusing on the wrong reality. Thinking about the wrong things, talking to the wrong person. Stop thinking and fretting and start praying. Honest complaining with truth and trust. He displays His strength in the middle of human weakness. Complain to God in faith, knowing He is in control and knows all. As we rehearse what He has done, we trust Him more. Chill out, be at peace. God will protect you. It’s active and on guard.

Have you responded to the gospel? Are you functionally believing the gospel? Are you resting in His care or have you taken that care for yourself? He doesn’t just know but He delivers, because He is all powerful!

You can download this sermon and read the application questions, HERE.

I also found this blog post helpful as I was considering all the commands and often, my failure to keep them. I am so grateful for reminders of God’s grace, love, and patience!!! He Won’t Cast You Out. Ever.


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