Lord Jesus,

Grant me the favour of being led by thee,

   under the directions of thy providence and thy Word.

Grant me they blessings with bitter things,

   to brighten and quicken me,

   not to depress and make me lifeless;

Grant me, like Gideon of old, way-tokens,

   by removing things that discourage me;

Grant me succour beneath the shadow

   of thy sympathy when I am tempted.

Accept my unceasing thanks

   that I am not cast off from thy hand

   as a darkened star or a rudderless vessel.

Suffer not my life to extend

   beyond my usefulness;

Cast me not under the feet of

   pride, injustice, riches, worldly greatness,

   selfish oppression of me;

Help me to wait patiently, silently upon thee,

   not to be enraged or speak unadvisedly.

Let thy mercy follow me while I live,

   and give me aid to resign myself to they will.

Take my heart and hold it in thy hand;

   write upon it reverence to thyself with an

   inscription that time and eternity cannot erase.

To thy grace and the care of thy covenant

  I commit myself, in sickness, and in health,

   for thou hast overcome the world,

   fulfilled the law,

   finished justifying righteousness,

   swallowed up death in victory,

   and taken all power everywhere.

Mark this covenant with thine own blood

   in the court of forgiving mercy;

Attach unto it thy name in which I believe,

   for it is sealed by my unworthy mortal hand.


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