You’ll Provide For Me

O Lord, You care for all the earth
The flowers and the birds
You provide their daily bread
How much more You have cared for me
You met my greatest need
When Christ hung on the tree
So I know that You’ll provide for me
So God, I trust in You
I trust in You, I trust in You
In whatever I may face
I will trust Your sovereign grace
I will always trust in You
O Lord, when all my hopes and plans
Are taken from my hands
And I cannot see the way
I will rest in Your sovereign plan
And bless Your gracious hand
I know Your promise stands
That I’ll see Your goodness in this land

Words & Music by Stephen Altrogee. © 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI). All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “You’ll Provide For Me

  1. i'm praying for you. its encouraging to see you continue to fight for hope in God in spite of "unending" circumstances. Keep it up! :) I love you.

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