CJ Mahaney – Session 4 – Monday

Christ’s Death – My Notes

Mark 15:33-39

We cannot think of that death too often. C.H. Spurgeon

His death is a matter of first importance. Heaven is never indifferent of the cross. The cross involves more than the physical suffering of Christ.

The cup (of God’s wrath) dominates His soul in the garden.

Jesus prays for an alternative even though He knows there is none, it was motivated by the horror of One wholly of the Father.

If there was an alternative, God would have provided one. Cry from the cross is Gethsemane realized.

  1. suffering, forsaken Savior
  2. dying Savior
  3. revealed Savior

By death we determine that we are not gods.

Romans 8:20

My Thoughts From The Message:

During CJ’s sermon I was once again (it happened a lot at the conference) overwhelmed by Christ’s passionate love for me. That Jesus (who is part of the Trinity) would die, that He would take on the full force of God’s wrath. It blew me away. Why? It seems to be the dumbest thing to do. Why would God die for rebellious creatures? Why not just kill us all. He doesn’t need us. He can easily receive glory another way. Why punish your Son? Why die, experiencing the full fury of your Holy Father? Why does He love me??? The knowledge of His awesome power and otherness was colliding with the knowledge of His extravagant love for me. The two should not go together. They don’t make sense. And yet, they do. This is when the smoke starts coming out my ears and my brain begins to overload. Jesus screamed the cry of the damned in my place. The awesome Creator of the Universe…He died for my sins. As goose bumps gallop over my body, I sit here once again amazed. Amazed at His otherness (which the cross so clearly displays). Amazed at His boundless love for me. Amazed at my testimony. Amazed at His protection and favor. Pretty much amazed at everything about Him.

You can download the sermon HERE.

You can also read a couple of great synopsis’ HERE and HERE.

Pics from Monday:

“Dear friends I am going to preach to you again upon the cornerstone of the gospel. How many times will this make, I wonder? The doctrine of Christ crucified is always with me. As the Romans sentinel in Pompeii stood to his post even when the city was destroyed, so do I…every thing else can wait, but this one truth must be proclaimed with a voice of thunder. Others may preach as they will but as for this pulpit it shall always resound with the substitutions of the Christ…Our blessed Savior would have us hold his death in great reverence; it is to be our chief memory we cannot think of that death too often.” – Charles Spurgeon


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