So Random

My friends don’t need any proof, they know that I’m an office supply geek. It’s just a fact. I love office supplies. Staples really is one of my favorite stores to shop at. Sigh…yes, I’m aware that I am strange. However, something happened today that made me chuckle. Jimmy, my brother, came into the room and asked if Katie or I happened to have 5 different colored highlighters. He was doing a project for school and really needed 5 different colors. Katie looked at him like he was crazy. Why would one need/have on hand that many different colored highlighters? I walked in my room, took all five colors that were sitting in my room, and handed them to him (threatening him within an inch of his life if he messed up the tips). It just made me smile…


3 thoughts on “So Random

  1. :) No, that’s Sharpies. I think they make only somewhere around 5 -10 colors of highlighters. :)

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