Happy Birthday Jessica

Today is Jessica’s birthday. I have decided to take over to honor her today. It’s hard to believe 28 years ago I was giving birth to her. What a day that was! But I am not here to talk about that but her. I could never have believed what a joy and blessing she would be. Anyone who knows her would agree when I say she is great blessing. I know she has touched many lives in her 28 years. Her desire to love the Lord with all her soul strength and mind and love others is what I think defines her life. Her life is compelling. Jessica is not only my daughter but my friend. I know I can find a listening ear, a tender hug and loving encouragement (or godly correction) in her. She is not afraid to respectfully challenge me. She is truly a faithful friend. There is nothing I’d rather do than spend time with her and her sister (except for Jim ). I love you Jessica and am so very grateful to God that in His wise providence he planned for you to be in my life. I pray that God will give you many more years. That He will cause you to grow in His grace. One day you will hear well done my good and faithful servant and I will be on the front row cheering you on.
I love you!! Mom


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jessica

  1. Happy Birthday. You have truly been an example to me – for oh so many years :o) I pray the Lord blesses you today!

  2. Your mom did such a great job describing you!!:) That was so neat of her to honor you like that, and you deserve it!! Thanks so much for all you do, Jessica…we really appreciate you and hope you had the best 28th birthday anyone could possibly have!!:) See you tomorrow!!:)

  3. happy birthday my sweet friend. i love you so dearly and am overwhelmingly grateful for the gift of God that you are to me. whether i’m cracking up or falling apart, you are ALWAYS there… to listen, to encourage, to hug, to care for, to remind me of my hope in Jesus, and to smack me upside the head and point out that life is about so much more than the difficult problems we face here. Jessica, you are truly the most clear model of Jesus I have ever known. Your life is a multi-faceted jewel that reflects so many aspects of His character. You love sacrificially, your hope is in heaven, not in comfort here. Your faith is in a faithful God that hears your prayers and knows your needs. Yet, like Jesus and the Psalmist(who were often speaking of Jesus), you cry to Him to hear and listen to your cry. It has been so greatly encouraging to me to see your faith grow… particularly in the past two years. From a “I’m getting old and God has forgotten me” to “God is abundantly faithful and has shown me such steadfast love.” That is a transformation that only He can do, and it has been a delight to watch that radical caterpillar-to-butterfly-like change over the past years. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your love. Thanks for “being yourself” – i like you better this way. :) I love you… happy birthday!!

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