Life Is Better…

Have you ever read those sappy calendars or cards that go something like, "Life is Better with Chocolate."? Well, I came up with a random saying today. You see, I’m tired. And I can be a little goofy when I’m tired. So…

Life is Better When You Can See Your Floor.

Yep. Profound isn’t it? There really was a reason I came up with that retarded phrase. I haven’t seen my floor for a day and a half. Why? It’s been covered with boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon. Our Singles have their annual FREE Gift Wrap this Saturday. I’ve been making decorations. I’ve been laughing at my pile of empty presents all day long. It looks so ridiculous.


Yes, the boxes go all the way to my ceiling. Imagine the amount of tape they required. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through that much tape in two days.


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