The Good Shepherd

"I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep! I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of My hand!" John 10:11, 28
Every part of our salvation, requires the exertion of infinite wisdom and almighty power. Jesus is the Shepherd of all who believe in Him. We depend upon Him–and He gives us the effectual help which we need. He is intimately acquainted with us–and knows every thought and intent of our hearts. He has His eye always upon us. His ear is always open us. His arm is ever stretched out for our relief. We can receive nothing–but what He bestows upon us. We can do nothing–but as He enables us. Nor can we stand a moment–but as He upholds us!
It is amazing to me–that I do not find my heart all on fire with love to Jesus–when I consider–from what misery I am redeemed; to what happiness I am called; and what a price was paid for m soul! Alas! alas! my guilt and grief are that my thoughts of Jesus are so faint, and so infrequent; and that my commendations of Him are so lamentably cold and disproportionate to what they ought to be!
Yet–if the heart is right with God, and sincerely affected with the wonders of redeeming love–our gracious High Priest, who knows our weakness–will pity and pardon what is amiss, and accept our poor efforts!

– John Newton


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